Saturday, 25 August 2012

One Step Closer to Cuenca

Almost a week on already and we have arrived in Azogues, where the family is living. It took us 10 hours to get to here, stopping twice for food and to stretch our legs, after all we were packed like sardines in dad's car...Can't believe how much we fit into his car - 7 people, 12 luggage bags of our own plus theirs!!!

Dad was right, it wasn't the road that we should've feared it was the other drivers... Everyone here drives like there's no tomorrow yet there's not many accidents.... apart from an overturned truck full of timber... a rock slide, a truck falling into a ditch and getting stuck on the side of the mountain and a slight nudge from a truck on our bumper.... Yeap nothing to fear...ahahahaha.... nah nah... roads have improved dramatically in recent years.

We made it back to Mum and Dad's place safe and well, but tired after the long drive... The house my parents are renting is quite spacious and it's got awesome views of the mountains.  The surrounding areas are very religious, you'll find a church pretty much on every corner.
We have learned registering anything here takes longer than what you think... legally Jeremy and I are still single, we have to travel back to Quito at some point to try to register our marriage again.... didn't exactly work the first time... (the registration, not our marriage) next time we're going to fly back as it's not too expensive and it's less than an hour flight, so we've been told.

Dad, as our designated driver (until we buy a car of our own) has driven us to Cuenca, half an hour away from where they live.  We got to see the city today and we were stoked to see the area, it was like we had stepped back in time, the city center still has cobble stones, there's little shops everywhere and Jeremy almost shed a tear when we saw an Italian Deli and Cafe!!!...

The shopping centers here are quite modern and large, you can find almost everything we have back home. The grocery store (Supermaxi) has a great selection of everything... I almost shed a tear too when I found two minute noodles!!!... YEAH!!! Still have to try them to see if they're any good.

Overall we're making slow progress but still progress none the less... we can't wait to decide which will be our new cong and look forward to visiting them starting next week... We're having a great time getting to know our surroundings and knowing we have a whole city to explore, not to mention a whole territory to work...

Hopefully our next blog will see us a little more settled and married again soon!! Till next time, adios amigos.