Tuesday, 21 August 2012

So it begins.....

  We can't believe we've made it to Ecuador.  It was a long journey and we're not just referring to the flight.  We're so happy to be here and sad to have left all our loved one's back home.  
We will miss everyone back in Australia so dearly!  

We arrived last night to a welcoming party at the airport of family and friends.  It was so good to see my family and not have to worry about carrying all the luggage ourselves anymore!

My family (The Armendariz's) send their love to everyone. They too can't believe we're actually here but there's no denying it, this morning we woke up to the sounds of planes and dogs barking... haha.. We are staying in Quito for a few days while we visit my extended family and register our marriage, back to being single again! No, no, at the moment Jeremy and I are only married under the eyes of Jehovah (and Australia of course) due to the laws of the country etc..

We hope you enjoy our little blogs, their meant to help us communicate with you all. Look out for our experiences in the field that we're sure to have and anything else that we know will make you laugh.

We head off to Cuenca soon, about 9 hours by car from Quito. Not looking forward to the journey but Dad has eased our minds by telling us the road is not as bad as we probably have imagined it, you know, the usual worse case scenario - "deep ravines and no barriers with cars passing each other on a single unsealed road, the gravel/rocks falling off the edges as the tires come within centimeters of the edge". No, no it sounds like it is just like any other major highway, sealed and quite safe for the most part...GULP.....

So for now, take care and we'll blog again soon... hopefully....

Love J n K