Monday, 3 September 2012

Bienbenidos a Ecuador - food n all!

Shortly after we arrived a local family invited us over for a welcoming dinner. The one thing we had said we would never eat was being prepared and to refuse would have been an insult.... yes Guinea Pigs were on the menu!

Katherine had to prepare her mind all day, remembering the recent article about brothers and sisters eating bugs and other insects...mmmm, yummy. The advice in the article was "try it." So we did and you know what it wasn't bad, the skin was a little chewwy however the meat was a mix between chicken, duck and pig in colour and texture.

Since they were cooking in their semi - outdoor kitchen over wood coals and it was quite cold and somewhat drizzly they served up a potent mixture of "Canelaso" like a shot of richly sweet alcohol with a strong citrus flavour. It was nice and as soon as it hit our empty tummy's a warm feeling shot through us and Jeremy's troublesome stomach settled down.

We had a turn at hand roasting the skewered Guinea Pigs - seeing them being cooked like that was confronting at first since its not something you see everyday but the smell was quite appetizing.  So we survived and enjoyed the evening.

Since then much has happened, we have been out in the ministry and Jeremy was asked to conduct the Watchtower Study in a neighboring congregation - unusual yes, but such is the need for brothers here. At the end of the meeting the brother who had picked us up and was going to drop us off also had another passenger, a young brother unbaptized publisher. This young brother attends the meeting often by himself or with his younger sister, their parents had studied some time ago but not anymore, the seed of truth however had found its way into this young brothers heart and he recognized the value of good association and the truth. They walk some distance to every meeting by themselves, then the brother drops them off. Our Jaws dropped open in surprise when we found out he was only 13 and his sister was 9!!!

Cases like this are not unusual, there are many young ones making fine progress and other older ones returning to Jehovah. With Jehovah's help we have been able to decide on a congregation now and will begin attending this week