Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Moving Day

Exactly one month ago we arrived in Ecuador.  Time goes quickly right...?

We finally found a place to live in Cuenca within our territory, something we have been struggling with but as usual Jehovah always provides what we need.

It's a 2 bedroom apartment on the third floor. Very secure and modern, it even has a large area we can convert into a study.  Of course we asked Dad to negotiate the monthly rent as anyone who sees Jeremy hikes up the price by 30%.  So.. after all the haggling we are renting our apartment at $260.00 per month.  Yeap.. Sounds cheap right but you can find a full house for that price however as I mentioned we were not having any success finding anything, so we are happy to move into the territory and to a very pretty apartment.

We bought most of our furniture and kitchen accessories yesterday and today we will actually stay there the night. By ourselves! Kind of scary, since we've never spent one night in Ecuador ever by ourselves!.. Haha

Well, recently my family's Cong had a pig roast.  Massive pig! They cooked them differently here but they taste so good. I will upload some photos next time and explain how they cook them.

Out witnessing Jeremy started a study.. Shame we can't take her with us, he had to pass it on as we are now moving.. We hope that we're able to find good progressive studies as soon as we start going out, the trick I've been told is... "just ask them!.."

Well that's all for now..