Sunday, 7 October 2012

Back in Quito...

Guess what?... We've finally lodged our papers at the registry office in Quito, hopefully all our paperwork will be in order and we'll be back to being married by 4pm next Monday...yeah!!! Once that's done then we have to go get our ID cards and a number of other things, it takes time.

We flew down yesterday with Aerogal, not a long flight at all about 30-40mins and the price was $75 each not as cheap as we thought but we did buy them two days before.  You can get them on special for as low as $65 from what we've seen but have been told others have got them cheaper.

While in Quito we're staying with brothers who used to be in the same Cong as my parents when they served here. Since then they have moved to where there is a bigger need, sign language Cong. They went through the language school and are doing really well.

We accompanied them to their Saturday meeting and my cousin who also goes to their congregation translated everything for us. It was so nice to be there and see the effort the brothers have made to learn the language.  They only have a small TV for the hall where they show the bible texts through the talk and the comments that are made throughout the watchtower.  There's a brother on stage with a camera pointed at you when you give a comment. The attendance is really good, they have 32 publishers but have an average of 50 or more at every meeting. There's 3 Elders and 5 MS's.  There's over 32 sign language congregations in Ecuador. They have a lot of work as there's many who are deaf here but don't know how to sign so the brothers need to teach them so they can study with them.

We had a deaf sister allocate us names, it was very exciting. Jeremy's was easy since his name is like the prophet Jeremiah, it was quite funny cause it looks like your milking a cow.. . Mine took a little longer, wih both hands you do the letter K and run them on top and bottom of my glasses.  It looks like an 80's dance move!..

We loved our time with them. The congregation is going to buy a projector to make it easier for the brothers to see from the back but as we know it can be difficult for congregations to raise the money for big ticket items but nothing is impossible for Jehovah.

We were about to leave the hall when I saw a little boy helping with the cleaning I couldn't help but to take a photo of him, what a nice young boy.

Later this week we're heading to the jungle about 4 hours away, still quite civilized but we'll have to buy a few other bits and pieces as we are not prepared as well as we should be. They told us to take a lot of mosquito repellant, bug spray and old shoes that can get wet.  They are taking us to some caves for white water rafting, and tubbing (I think that's what it's called).. really exciting! We are staying with brothers and we'll also go to their meeting. They warned us about the bugs and not to touch any of them especially frogs they are very poisonous. They also casually mentioned that in the past the brother had a tarantula as a pet, they kept it out of its cage so it could eat the bugs - therefore we can't kill it if we see it!!!! My family is coming as well, I don't know how my dad is going to cope - he's arachnophobic!

Ok so we'll post some photos when we get back and hopefully we are still healthy and dad still alive..
The other day while witnessing this guy was yelling out "escobas!" (Brooms) I just had to take a photo :) he was selling them. They walk around all day carrying them.