Sunday, 25 November 2012

Progress Report...

 3 Months.....

So far we have been able to start 8 studies, many as mentioned earlier have found us.  We've been able to have really good chats with householders and many of them may likely turn into bible studies in the next couple of months.  Our Rv's are slowly getting to know us, and when we walk the streets while witnessing many more familiar faces say hello.

Since arriving Jeremy and I have only been to a few doors where people rudely declined to speak to us, the majority who don't want to talk are very polite.  Jeremy however has experienced his first physical abuse while out witnessing.  He was out with the other Elder in our cong and his little 4yr old daughter, they were having a great conversation with a business man who still had the Special Article on Jesus from last year, it had been well studied, suddenly a man walking past from behind turned around and slapped Jeremy on the back said a few mean things and kept walking.  Jeremy said it happened so fast, non of them understood exactly what happen, Jeremy though came home with a massive red hand mark on his back but was glad the mans frustrations were taken out on him and not the other brother or his little girl.

The brother Jeremy was with said that sort of thing very rarely happens.  It did catch us by surprise but as we know this sort of thing will just get worse as the end draws near, so it has been good training for us to be on guard.

Last night we had one of my studies come to the meeting, she has a little 4yr old, for some reason he became a little terror last night at the meeting.  His poor mother didn't know what else to do to calm him down. Jeremy and I thought we'd better help her out, though we had no idea what we should do.  When I saw her, she no longer had the little boy with her so I went to ask her where he was.  Kindly a sister had taken him to sit with her and completely calmed him down.  Jeremy didn't realise what was going on and in his attempt to help he picked up the first little kid he saw, he was holding him for ages thinking it was my studies little boy, much later he realized it was the wrong kid when he reached out for his mother another visiting sister standing at the back....hahaha... I've never seen a little child loose it the way this little boy did, but it seems we found how to keep him quiet through the meetings, we must take turns and take him away from his mum, he seems to behave around strangers...haha

As many now know, we have friends visiting us from Australia early December, we are really looking forward to seeing them and spending time with them. We've been busy getting the guest room ready for their arrival and thinking of all the places they will enjoy sightseeing.  We are lining up studies and Rv's to visit so they can get a taste of life as a Witness in Cuenca.

We have a busy schedule up ahead, our first CO visit is coming up middle of December and a lot of maintenance including repainting needs to be done to the hall before his arrival.  We've been having great success with many inactive and disfellowshipped brothers/sisters coming back to Jehovah.  The numbers in pioneers is also going up and we're looking forward to our first annual pioneer meeting in January.

We have many little kids in our Cong, a sister just had her first child and another sister is not far away from having her first child in 3 months - so many more little additions to the congregation. The children are so beautiful, they are so funny and friendly.  Every meeting they politely say hello to everyone they see, shaking hands and giving kisses. Last week Jeremy took the Congregation Book Study and after the meeting while Jeremy was kneeling down to put things away in his bag, a little 4yr old came up behind him, put his arm around his back (like an old friend does) and said something like this, "excuse me brother Jeremy, I raised my hand during the meeting but you didn't see me, but it's ok, can you please give me an answer next time?" As Jeremy apologised and assured him next time he would look out for his hand, the little boy tapped him on his back and said "It's ok, thank you" and left.  I couldn't believe what I had seen, it was the cutest thing ever! No wonder Jesus told us to be more like children.

Believe it or not, this little one has an owner!
In the last couple of weeks, I've found a few things a little distressing, I'm told it's actually not that bad here in Cuenca, but my heart just breaks everytime I see a scruffy stray hungry dog in the street.  I've been close to adopting a few however we live in an apartment and there's no way Jeremy would let me! I know deep inside Jeremy wants to adopt them too but someone has to be the tough one in the family.  None of these dogs are dangerous, the most they'll do is give you fleas but as dirty as they are, they're so beautiful and it brings me to tears knowing, we can't really help them.

Another thing has been the amount of little children that are left on their own, locked up until their parents come back home from work.  Out witnessing we have been finding many between the age of 4 and 6 all alone.  I keep thinking what if there was a fire, how will the child get out if the door is locked and all the windows have bars?... Most are from poor families who's parents have no other choice, they are so dirty and with their sad little faces looking at us, we have to walk away....These children, have no real childhood, it's been taken away by this system of things. How unfair this world is on everyone, in this case children and animals. We have to constantly remind ourselves of the wonderful hope we bring to people so it doesn't stop us from going out.  We trust that Jehovah will bring an end to their suffering soon.

I've never been faced with these types of issues back home, and at times we can forget they exist in this world.  This is why we wanted to share this with you, it reminds us how much the world needs Jehovah's Kingdom.

A few weeks ago we accompanied my family to their rural territory again, this time we got to enjoy 4 wheel driving in our own car!... Jeremy had an awesome talk with a lady.  They arranged for someone to study with her by phone. Here are a few photos from that day, I'm sure they'll make our old Cong proud.

Lots of love,

Danger!  Landslide Zone