Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Meet your new student..

As the new year starts we are finding ourselves busier and busier with studies and Rvs.

Here's two of our latest ones:

As we walked into our meeting during our CO visit our CO waved at us and signaled for us to come, as we got closer he introduced us to a lady and said "meet your new study" and to the lady he said "meet your new teachers" . This nice lady had moved to Cuenca from another city and had managed to find our Kingdom Hall and come to the meeting. We arranged to continue her study, got her address and asked her what chapter she was up to in the BH book.  She couldn't remember the exact chapter as it had been a little while since the last study but she proceeded to ask the people in front of her what the chapter was. I hadn't realised she had come with her three children and that the study was for all four of them. Two teenage boys and a little 11 year old, perfect for Jeremy.

They're such a lovely family and we have started the study since, however they are not in our territory and we'll need to make arrangements to pass them on as soon as we establish the study with all of them.

A week later -

We also had a pioneer couple come to our meeting with a young couple they study with. Their study has moved into our territory and they asked us if we would like to look after the study. Of course we were happy to and have started studying with them since then. They come to all our meetings, they had been studying for 4 months but going to meeting for 6 months with his mum who has recently been baptized. We asked them how they came to study themselves and told us that whenever they visited his mum she would always comment on what she had read from the magazines or heard at the Kingdom Hall, she would ask them to come to the meetings with her so she wouldn't have to go by herself and because they felt sorry for her they would accompany her. Soon enough that wasn't the reason why they would go, they liked what they where learning in particular about having a happy family life, (they have a 3 year old little girl who is sooo cute!). They asked for a study and have been regular at meetings ever since.

This young family even comment at meetings and prepare well for their study, they're an absolute pleasure to study with.  We're sure that if they continue down this path they'll make fine progress. It's a blessing and a privilege from Jehovah to allow us to teach honest hearted people like them.  Last study we went through the appendix part about the seventy weeks. We studied hard ourselves for this part as we haven't explained it in Spanish for a long time but the society's publications make it so easy to understand they did really well by the end of it.

A sister in our Cong has recently left to another city and has asked us to call on her Rvs and about 4-5 studies she has started. We will start on them this week and hope to continue where she left off.  We will keep you updated with all the good calls we're sure to have.

In other news -

My families SAD was last Sunday, they have 5 congregations in the part of the circuit that meet together for it and had 13 get baptized including one of dad's studies, they where all so happy, 932 were in attendance. We have ours this weekend.

The end of year is celebrated by the world very differently here in Ecuador. They have a tradition of making dummies stuffed with chopped up wood and material and burn it at midnight all over the place.  When we looked down the street from our apartment it looked like a war zone there where small fires all over the place, we couldn't believe it.  A little scary to tell you the truth.

This months visit to my families rurals was really wet and cold.  Our clothes and shoes were all muddy but we still had a great time.  When it stopped raining we had some fun helping baby chickens get up a hill, trying to touch a baby lamb and feeding a horse.  We weren't able to find many this time around but still enjoyed the day.
Isa 52:7
 So that's our update for now, we hope everyone is doing well, our love to you all.