Thursday, 24 January 2013

Our first Congregation Outing..

Well, we're writing this by candle light as there's been no electricity since 4pm today, everything turned off during a lightning storm. I'm so happy we had two candles we bought for these occasions so at least we have some light. Jeremy is walking around with a little head touch from our go bags.. Haha. He looks like a miner... Haha

The whole street has no electricity so even with the curtains open its getting really dark and quiet.  Now I know what it must have been like for people pre electricity. Only difference, I'm sitting here with my ipad.

The last few days have been spent at home, we're both recuperating from a bad flu, but starting to feel better.  We had our Cong outing last weekend. It was a great day, stressful but everyone enjoyed it. The sisters country home was so beautiful, it was in a valley and everywhere around you had awesome views of the mountains, the weather was nice and warm. The Cong rented a bus to take those who don't have cars, I must admit I was a little jealous we had to take our car, I could hear the brothers and sisters laughing and chatting from outside, we so wanted to be in there too...  We were very surprised everyone was at the meeting point on time, usually people arrive places an hour late, custom here, but no, our brothers were very punctual...  Everyone was so excited!

My family was also invited to come so they took all the photos on the day. Ill borrow their camera and post some photos next week.

The other day I heard a comment about how difficult it is to start bible studies in our area. I was surprised to hear that since many in the Cong are conducting one or two studies. The pioneers many more, it made me think of back home and the fight we have there to start and continue a bible study. We've been blessed with many studies, so far we counted about 15 with loads more for potential.  I suppose when you've never experience an apathetic territory, this must feel like one.  I've been going on and on about how great our territory is without realizing there are some that still find it difficult.

Quite a few in our Cong are pregnant or have just had a baby. It is quite nice to hear their baby cries and kids always have a way of bringing the congregation together. Jeremy and the maintenance committee are planning on making our smaller Kingdom Hall more mothers and babies friendly as at present there is nowhere for them to feed or change the babies.

Last week we had the annual pioneer meeting at our place, it was really nice to have everyone together and enjoy some food afterwards also. The majority are sisters with only another brother and Jeremy holding up the men's side of things!

Top Left: Washington (COBE), Franco (MS, Pioneer & Service Overseer), Jeremy (Secretary)
Bottom Left: Yolanda, Elizabeth, Blanca, Cathy, Lucia & Me. (One pioneer missing due to sickness)

Since we have the cities major bus terminal in our territory the congregation is planning on doing like a Manhattan Project stand / mobile display, the brothers are working out the details but hope to have it up and running in Feb or at the latest in March in time for the special months of activity due to the memorial.  Once this is setup it will have a major impact on our Cong literature order, it will be interesting to see it taking shape and get started. Many city Congs come to witness in our terminal especially the pioneers when they need to catch up on hours. It's a fantastic place to witness, the taxi depo is joined to the terminal and there's usually at least 30-50 taxis coming in and out all day.  All the taxis from the city meet here.  Im positive we're going to have great experiences one its all set up.

The electricity is still out, I really, really hope it comes back soon. All our stuff is running out of battery....Nooooo!.... It's worse than having no water!!

Month number 5...