Friday, 8 February 2013

Its Carnival Season...

We were surprised to find out we are in carnival season here in Ecuador. It's quite a big thing. The witnessing groups get cancelled because of it, why you may ask? Well for starters carnival is celebrated by large water fights, all the streets get together and attack each other with eggs, water bombs, flour, foam and anything else they can get their hands on.  Beginning over the weekend and going through till Tuesday no one works and all the kids are out of school, it gets so bad even grandma's throw water bombs from the comfort of their own balconies. Haha

So because of that, the groups get cancelled for the protection of the brothers since they become major targets throughout those days.  We were told its actually calmed down over the years, it used to be worse but it got so dangerous people were dying from water bomb injuries and other dangerous behavior.  To try to control the situation the government got involved and started to dish out jail sentences for people who went over board or were considered to have endangered someone.

We've already been slightly wet, a little old grandma got us, but because of muscle deficiency she wasn't able to completely wet us...haha Last weekend we couldn't leave our apartment because our street was at war... They came out with massive pots of water and wet anyone who walked on our street.  No one got away! We watched from our third floor apartment as people got egged, coated in foam and bashed with water bombs.  Some who had valuables in their bags were allowed to put their bag down before they were soaked.  Everyone seemed to know what was coming and many put their bags down just before the water came out flying from the balconies... and that was last weekend!

The advice given to us was, hire some movies, buy lots of food, emergency water and stay home. Don't come out unless you have to. They'll even target your car... Great, can't wait!

Here are some photos from the party... I know finally...

The bus we hired
The sisters driveway

Back of her house
Volley Ball Game

Dancing Number
More games

CO couple and their little car

Our 8th anniversary was this week, my mum cooked us a nice Ecuadorian dish and Deb opened one of her special dessert wines from the Hunter Valley... Nothing like a nice sweet wine.... we also opened a big packet of maltesers that was sent to us with Danny and Vanessa... It's the little things that count...

Overall we're all doing well, coming up to 6 months for us and a year for my parents since they arrived. It's gone very quickly for them 1 year down, 2 to go....