Friday, 29 March 2013

Memorial Season...

We covered all our territory in two weeks, the last week was spent redoing the territory asking if they had received the invite and reminding them the date and time of the memorial. It was surprising how many had not yet received an invite, was worth going through a second time.

It was Jeremy's first time to take part in all the arrangements of the Memorial, the same for Washington (the other elder), he did the talk.  Everything went well, they even hired a generator incase of power outages.  Our hall was full, we have 89 publishers and had an attendance of 248, really good for a 6:30pm meeting. The second congregation to have it at 8pm had an attendance of 298!!  My family's congregation hired a little hall to hold their memorial as their usual place where they hold their meeting is way too small.  They have 38 pubs and had an attendance of 70.

We have a new couple in our congregation Benjamin and Massiel, they lived close to Miami.  Ben is originally from Ecuador and his wife from Cuba, both grew up in the US.  Ben serves as an elder and Massiel as a regular pioneer. It's funny how they winded up in our Cong. We met them a few weeks back when Jeremy went to give a talk at a neighbouring Cong.  It was their first meeting in Ecuador.  They were busy looking for a place to live and asked us if we knew of any apartments for rent, and we did. One of our neighbors in our building moved out and the apartment had been available for a couple of weeks. They came to check it out and loved it, of course after that they found themselves in our territory and therefore will be coming to our meetings.  It's fantastic, we are so happy that they will be coming to our congregation, we really need the help. It will also level out the load of responsibilities for Jeremy and Washington who have been working very hard to keep up.

Sara was recently asked if she would like to accompany the CO and his wife on one of their visits. So she had the privilege to go with them. We all know that some of the best experiences in the field happen during the visit of the CO.  She came back and told us about one that involved the President of Ecuador. The president happened to be in the same town that week, meeting the people and so forth.  Our brothers while witnessing caught the attention of the President just as he was about to go up on stage to give a speech... the President who came towards them said "here are the real Christians" and glancing at the brothers said to them "vote for me".  The brothers unsure of what to reply quickly said "we are Jehovah's Witnesses and are therefore neutral, we do not vote for anyone".  The President came back towards them again and said "I can understand why, there's a lot of corruption in politics, that's why when I finish this term in politics I want to became a Jehovah's Witness", he then proceeded to go on stage and give his speech.... the brothers were left shell shocked as they walked away... After all how often do you meet the President and not only that, hear he wants to become a Witness.  They were so happy with the witness that was given, as this all took place with a large crowd around them... Can't wait to see what happens... Stay tuned!...

Funny story, Jeremy happened to put up a notice on the Kingdom Hall board.  It was meant to read - due to the Carnival season there will be no witnessing groups for the following days, however he made a  mistake with his spanish and for a whole month the notice read - due to the Canibal season there would be no witnessing groups for the following days.  Hahaha, the brothers didn't have the heart to tell him and we only just found out. I hadn't even picked it up....hahaha... Jeremy's response was "either way they would have needed to be cancelled"...haha

Ok that's all for now..... We are doing very well, hope to hear from everyone about how your Memorial night went.