Saturday, 20 April 2013

The months of pain...

Hello everyone,

We know, its taken us a while to write our blog.  There's been lots happening!

First of all, we have the privilege of having a special pioneer couple move into our congregation.  They've been in special pioneer service for over 30 years and because of health issues need to be closer to the city.  They got to pick the congregation they would like to serve in, and they picked us!  We're so happy, it'll be great to learn from all their years of experience and to hear all the stories that come with it. Their last assignment was close to Loja, where they were sent to start a congregation, 3 years later there's 26 publishers and 2 Pioneers.  They're a lovely couple, we spent some time with the brother helping them look for a nice affordable apartment and thanks to Jehovah we found something perfect for the two of them. They move in two weeks.

Jeremy had his first breath test by the police and we learned how they do this here... We had pulled over to check an address on our phone and the police car came up behind us and turned their sirens on to get us to move, of course it freaked us out and when Jeremy went to move the car he clipped the corner of the footpath. So the police turned their sirens on this time to pull us over. The policeman came and asked what happened and Jeremy started to explained, then he told Jeremy "Soplame" (loosely translated, breath out) pointing to his face and then he leaned in thru the window close to Jeremy's face as if he was almost going to kiss him. Jeremy didn't really understand what he wanted him to do so the policeman repeats it "soplame, aqui" (breath out here) again pointing to his face... So Jeremy did what he was told and breathed on the police man's face.... That's when we realized he was checking if Jeremy had been drinking alcohol... Hahaha... The policeman was very nice and since we had done nothing wrong he let us go..... That's become the soplame story!

We're organizing another Cong party, this time we're also having the brothers from San Marcos Cong (Armendariz Cong) coming.  There's a sister in our Cong whose boss owns an oldish hotel with a reception Centre, and they've hired it out to us for the night for next to nothing. So again everyone is busy organizing dance choreography's and little skits for the night. Since we have so many kids and young ones (we counted at least 25) we are helping out in organizing a drama of Noah's Ark with the young ones. Most of the little ones are being different animals and the older young ones are the main characters. We gave them the scrip 2 weeks ago and they're all so excited that they're learning it all by heart. We will post some photos of the night in the next few weeks :)

Our Cong is constantly growing of late, many new unbaptized publishers and many more that have been inactive are coming back to Jehovah, it's lovely to see all these new faces out in the field and back at the meetings.

We've started to do letter writing to leave with little tracts at not at homes. Starting early each time we're out witnessing, we've also had an influx of new bible studies from the territory so we're handing them out to the new couple Massiel and Benjamin that moved in last month. So far Massiel has 4 people she's studying with. It's so good having them as support, with similar schedules they've become our pioneer buddies and we're no longer going on studies and calls on our own.

Another thing we had happen 2 weeks ago was our wisdom teeth got pulled out.  What I mean by ours is Debs, Sara's, mum and me... All had our wisdom teeth pulled out on the same day. We spent that week at my place watching movies and being in a lot of pain. Jeremy, Dad and Marcos looked after us and they did a great job, we're still alive! Though we all lost weight since we couldn't eat much for the following week. Hahaha... That's one way of loosing weight...hahaha. It was so funny, we all looked like we had being bashed! Swollen, bruised faces with constant ice packs and heavy meds to relieve the pain.... It's funny now!!

Well we are all doing well, just got back into the gym and now have really sore muscles, trying to train for the great tribulation...haha. No no, getting our endurance and muscles back in shape, as we have been very tired and out of breath lately, as busy as our schedule is it doesn't really cause us a huge amount of physical exertion so we need the exercise.

So exciting to learn where all the internationals will be held, though not all know yet, so will keep it quiet... They're really good!

Ok... That's all for now... Lots of love JnK