Thursday, 30 May 2013

Month of May & Camping in Cajas National Park...

Hello everyone, yes we are still alive!

Its becoming harder to find time to write, we've noticed any time we have free is spent sleeping, even a 20 min nap has been helping in our really busy schedule.  We had this idea that we'd have more time living here, but no. I suppose it's a good thing we are very busy in our service to Jehovah.

The month of May, what I can I say. We had our Cong Party, everyone loved the drama that was arranged for the young ones, all the little ones looked fantastic in their animal costumes, we even had a 5 month old little baby dressed as a turtle... she was so cute!

We went rock climbing... that was so much fun... I could notice the difference in my muscles, I have more strength in my arms and legs... the gym is paying off... We've been hitting the gym a few times a week... trainers are always there so they constantly check on you and tell you what to do next depending on the muscles you want to work on.... they really push you... I couldn't move for the first couple of weeks... I'm doing better now... not as sore... I will be able to lift more and run further during the great tribulation...hahaha

We had a couple of weeks of being sick AGAIN!... tummy infection.... always the same thing... seafood!! Had to go to the emergency room, couldn't even walk, I felt so sick... while we were there they prescribed about 4 different tablets to take, we had no idea what they really were but I took them all since I was in so much pain... It almost became another episode of 2009 when I almost died from food poisoning... it was heading in the same direction... they quickly injected about two different things and with all the tablets I was taking I thought everything would be alright.... I was wrong...!!

About 2 days later I started to get worse, we didn't know why... I was taking all my tablets at the times they had told me.  Jeremy went to the chemist to buy some more tablets and took all the ones I was taking already... at the chemist they told him, all they had given me was pain killers... no antibiotics! So no wonder I started to get worse... they gave me a batch of antibiotics and a whole bunch of other tablets to take as well... about 4 days later I finally started to feel better.... As if it wasn't enough both Jeremy and I got the flu at the same time as my tummy infection, so it wasn't pleasant times at home.....

However that passed and we learned to get explanations of everything that's prescribed and ask the chemist to explain again what they're for.... just in case....

Last week we went on our first camping trip to Cajas National Park.... only for one night.... we hired horses to take our backpacks and other horses to take us further up the mountain.  Only the girls got to ride the horses, the guys had to hike up.  We finally got to the lake we wanted to stay at almost 2.5 hours away.  It was so beautiful!!...  We also got to try out our go-bags, though we did pack more than what we would need in an wine....   It's the first time I've roughed it out camping... as many of you know, our camping back home is really considered 5 star... we hire a fridge and everything.... here... we didn't even have toilets!! I felt for the Israelite women in bible times.... and I was only without a toilet for two days... haha... Bathrooms with changing views!!!

We had an awsome time, it was so peaceful.  We got to fish, and I caught my first lake trout.... I was so excited reeling it in I started screaming from excitement... of course that scared all the other fish, so we didn't catch anything after that...

The weather was not the best... It was cold.... so COLD!!... I was wearing two thermal pants and jeans, two pairs of socks, one that went up to my knees, two thermal tops, skivvy, a thick jacket, a scarf, two beanies, and at night it still didn't seem enough.... Despite all of that...we had a great time.... here's some photos.
Camping Crew

We currently have our CO visit.... we had them over for lunch yesterday and also had the pioneers meeting at our place in the evening... we had over 20, I think about 24 in all that came.  The house was full...

CO and his wife at the back, Special pioneer couple at front, to my right couple from Miami.
Pioneer Meeting at our place

We are learing more from the special pioneer couple in our cong... Their story is amazing... Anna has been special pioneering since she was 17 years old!... she has over 40 years of full time service.  They've served almost everywhere, with the help of Jehovah they've started congregations on their own, and brought countless of people into the truth.... they are the most loving, humble couple I've ever met.... there's so much to learn from them.... They were invited to serve in Brooklyn for 3 months and had the privilege of spending that time close to the Governing Body...  They taught a language school years ago, for a language they didn't even speak!! Quitchua... Vicente told the Brothers in Bethel, how could I teach them Quitchua when I don't even speak it... and their reply was... Don't worry grab a book that teaches Quitchua and teach them that, Jehovah will help you!.... and so he did.... months later... the students were speaking better than Vicente... He said, I don't really know what I taught them, but they seemed to understand... soon they started teaching me....haha

These are the sort of brothers that you read about in the Proclaimers Book..... It's such a privilege to have them in our Cong....

Anyways... I'm sorry its taken us a while to write, we are well again... having a fantastic time and learning a lot!!!

Love to you all!!