Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Ecuador English Convention 2013...

One year in Ecuador!!

Thanks to Jehovah we've made it to our first year here.  

A couple of months back a family from Guayaquil stayed with us for a few days.  The husband had a few talks during one of the DC's in Cuenca.  We had never met them before but they knew a family in our Cong who were unable to host them, so we gladly took them in. In return they invited us to stay with them for the English Convention, they told us they were close to the assembly hall, we didn't realize they lived right next to it... So we walked to the convention everyday. 

The English Convention in Ecuador is a highlight of every need greater serving in Ecuador and the surrounding countries. There were brothers from all over South American and many from Europe and the USA scouting the land for need, so to speak... I know back in Sydney the DC took place the same weekend as the English DC here, but many others around the world are still taking place so... still not going to spoil it for you guys... But here's a couple more experiences...

Formal Witnessing
A brother asked a house holder the question, where do you think the Kingdom of God is? The lady didn't know where it was but was curious to find out, however the brother told her he'd come back to answer the question. The lady spoke to her husband and both agreed he could come back. The lady though was left thinking about the question so she proceeded to google it. Of course she found many different answers, when the brother came back he answered the question using the bible, they raised many other questions and two hours went past.  They loved what they were hearing and asked the brother if they could come to our meetings, if we had any... So a study was started, they immediately started coming to meetings, 9 months later they were both baptized and now are serving as need greaters in Ecuador.  The house holder now our sister was the one being interviewed. 

Bad Association
A brother told his story of what his life was before coming into the truth. He was raised in a violent immoral  household. He became involved with drugs and lived a very violent life. He mentioned that one day he woke up with his hand really sore, when he looked at it, he had a tooth stuck to it. He had drug dealers looking to break his legs.  He eventually found the truth which turned his life around, he found real friends, happy people and learned to smile. This experience was given by an Australian brother who is serving on the coast with his wife. We know this couple and never would we have imagined his past had been like this..  It surprised us... They are both so friendly, happy people, we always see him smiling.. That's the power of the truth!

The Little One... Will Become a Thousand
An older sister was interviewed.  She was baptized in 1939, she was present at the Convention where the Great Crowd was identified, she was among the publishers that stood up and was welcomed by all the anointed.  This sister began serving in Ecuador in 1950. At that time there was 100 publishers, 33 of them were missionaries.  Two small congregations Guayaquil and Quito in the entire country.  When they first got here, the Catholic Church was very prominent, it took many years for the truth to grow.  She is currently serving in Gualazeo, there is 2 congregations currently in her area with over 260 publishers and in Cuenca 7000 publishers, she has seen the growth in Ecuador from 100 to 80.000.  Her faith has been strengthen with the fulfillment of this prophecy, which could not take place unless Jehovah's spirit was behind us.

Public Talk - What is truth? - interesting point. 
The speaker asked a question: what is easier to lie or tell the truth? What would you say?...
There was a study done by the University of Pennsylvania where they put people in MRI machines to check the brain activity of when people are telling the truth and when they are lying. The study showed there was more activity when a person lies proving its harder to lie than to tell the truth. 

Most of the speakers have been serving Jehovah in full time service for decades, many serving as Circuit Overseers, Missionaries, Bethelites and Special Pioneers. It was so funny to hear a brother forget some English words and just blurt them out in Spanish. Hahaha... The talks, one way or another encouraged need greaters to stay and look for ways to serve Jehovah where there is more need... It was my third time I've been to the English Convention here in Ecuador, and I can understand why brothers and sisters travel a long way to make it back each year.  It's a very special Convention, it's great to meet other need greaters in the country and hear their experiences. Most of them are serving in the coast or the Jungle, many of them have made their way there slowly as they've adjusted to Ecuador, others have jumped straight into those areas. We spoke to one brother serving in a coastal town of Ecuador with his family and he mentioned that 90% of the people there will listen to you.  They are truly enjoying the time of the harvest.

  During the convention one evening we spent a couple of hours with a couple we met in Quito serving in a neighboring congregation where my family served the first time they were here. They were there going through the CO's and wives school... The circuit where this couple serve in is so productive that even the worst presentation at the door gets you a study.... Hahaha... He said he went out witnessing with a brother who said this... We are Jehovah's Witnesses and would like to ask if you have sometime to talk to us this morning about the bible...the CO thought "oh no...." however the house holder invited them right in... The CO couldn't believe it... They were there for a while discussing the bible.

We were so happy to be able to attend the Convention and hope in the future we can go again.  If you're able to arrange to come one day, its like a mini International Convention, you'll love it, especially if you're thinking of serving where there's a need.

Ok, so here's my next blog... our trip....

Australian's Group Photo and one NZ sister....