Monday, 30 September 2013

Circuit Assembly 2014 - 2 Tim 3:16

Hello everyone,

September has been an interesting month.....

On a sad note Dad has had to deliver two funeral talks, its been sad and hasn't been easy for him.  One of the older sisters in their Cong passed away. She was over 90 years old and had 11 children. She helped to bring over 80 people into the truth.... It was a great loss for them.

Its been especially difficult to deal with since my great grandfather is not doing well either...he's about 90 too... and he seems to be getting worse, we are preping for what's to come.... not something nice :(

My cousin (not in the truth) also recently had a pretty bad motorbike accident, completely shattered his arm and dislocated his jaw.   I haven't seen him since he was 3 years old, and just found out he lives in Cuenca.  His mother (my Dad's sister) is in the truth and had taught him bible principles when he was very young, when she first started to study... however with time he went to live with his dad and his family so he was never brought up in the truth. Since his bike accident was so severe they needed to operate heavily on his arm but on the second surgery the blood issue came up.  He remembered reading in the bible when he was young "abstain from blood" Acts 15:29 and he never forgot.  He asked the doctors for bloodless surgery based purely on that memory.  Of course the doctors concerned for his health asked him to reconsider but he was very adamant he preferred bloodless surgery.  When Dad went to visit him, he was informed of what was happening and Dad did his best to explain to him the different options we have for bloodless surgery so he could decide if he would consider those options.  His operation is tomorrow morning and I'm sure it may not be the last, the doctors and nurses have been very supportive of his decision and have told him he's not the only non JW that has asked for a bloodless surgery, that the demand is slowly increasing and they have had to meet the needs of the patients.  He has been thinking a lot about the truth since this has happened and would like to make a proper start.

Again, how important it is to train young children even when it comes to tough subjects.

On a progress note, the Manhattan Project (Metropolitan Witnessing) will be starting in the next few months... All the permits needed have been received.  All that's left is for our applications to participate to be approved... We hope we'll be among those pioneers who are picked...if not we are still looking forward to hearing all the wonderful experiences that will come from it...

International Conventions: Ecuador has been invited to apply to Texas and Houston USA all in 2014.

Annual Pioneer Meeting.... They had to split our circuit into morning and afternoon sessions as last year it was so packed with pioneers... the number of pioneers of course is on the increase, there was an interesting demo of young ones talking about crashing a wedding of a witness couple, I wondered if that demo would also be worldwide... the information went hand in hand with our Circuit Assembly... really nice experiences, many very similar to what we've told you before... I've noticed here in Ecuador more than when I was back home that we are in a battle field when we are witnessing... so many people so want the truth but as much as we help and try to pull them in the world is pulling back and makes it so difficult...I have one study in particular who loves what she is learning and wants to make changes in her life, but I can see how hard this world is making it for her... i suppose it's like this everywhere but since I've never had this many studies at once its never really hit me as much as it has now... I've had to pray long and hard to Jehovah before every study and every return visit to ask for the right frame of mind, the patience I tend to lack, and the love and wisdom I need to show...  I don't want to tire down with the struggles I see all our studies go through... don't know if that makes sense...

Circuit assembly 2014 service year.... it was great... a lot of information on our teaching skills and a whole lot more aimed at Congregation Elders... I've noticed a pattern of many demonstrations of the incorrect way of doing things and the correct way of doing things... we had a whole part on public witnessing and the recent results.... A sister was interviewed (who was the pioneer partner of Anita our special pioneer in their single days) she retold an event that happened to them while out public witnessing...   They had been witnessing close to where my family's territory is when the religious leader of the town had been waiting for them with a large group of people... As the two sisters approached bible in hand, the religious leader came up to them and accused them of telling people lies and teaching them things not in the bible.  The sisters tried to explain that was not the case but he became so angry with them that he told the people that they needed to teach these girls a lesson... and in his anger he grabbed their bible and threw it to the floor... the people of course stunned by his action towards the bible in particular, turned on him and let the sisters go.... In her many pioneer years, she's been slapped, chocked, and beaten for her bold witnessing work.... Reminds me of the Apostle Paul... what an example for us to imitate.

There was also 6 new baptised, 2 young girls from our Cong.  The youngest baptized was 11 and the oldest 91!.... here's a photo with her, such a lovely older sister...

Here are some photos..... :)

This couple you know...hehe

Sisters in our Cong who had a talk for the Ministry School

MS in our Cong who had talk on Ministry School

Our two new sisters!

Sister in Red was Anita's pioneer partner her name is also Ana

Jeremy's talk illustration of a "caramelo" lollie

Illustration of a boomerang...hehe.. we are Australians'

Jeremy with one of his studies, this young guy is in Uni studying to become a Doctor... real interesting study...

Sisters in our Cong who did an excellent Demo of teaching

On a different note, we're also off to Miami... we'll be there for a  few weeks.... So happy we'll get to enjoy the Annual Meeting.... we are very excited, it'll be our first one... So exciting!!  We are booked to go on a cruise while we're there....we've also started buying a few bits and pieces through eBay that we can bring back with us like a goose down doona... they're very expensive here.. we needed a new one, my old one I've had since before I was married and lets just say it's lacking many feathers ...hahaha
Ok, so that's about it for this month. I'll blog again when we get back...

Lots of love