Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Annual Meeting 2013 and Miami Vacation...

Wow.... What a month!

As we mentioned last month we were able to attend the Annual Meeting... As many already know, it was a landmark event which we were so so happy to be a part of. What an amazing gift we received, our new beautiful and may I say very stylish bible.  Here's a photo for those who may not have it yet...

The great thing was that soon it should be released in other languages. We really hope we are still in Ecuador by the time the Spanish translation is released.  Our brothers and sisters in our Cong were so happy to see it, though they may not have understood very much they got a glimpse of all the treasures they can expect when the Spanish translation is released.

What an amazing meeting it was, I'm sure the notes will be released on the jw.org website soon.

We spent two weeks in Cape Coral with Ben's family, it was so nice to meet them all and once again be amazed at our kind and loving brotherhood. We were treated like family and looked after so well.

While there we made arrangements to go out witnessing with the Spanish Cong and also went to a Portuguese  meeting.  We were surprised at how much we understood... Why Portuguese? Well our next move will be..... Hahaha.... No, no, Ben and Massiel were in the Portuguese Cong before they moved to Ecuador so we tagged along for the visit.

Biltmore Hotel

Naples Beach

After Cape Coral we spent a few days in Miami sightseeing.  On the way to Miami we went to the Everglades to see the alligators.  Due to the Gov shutdown we weren't able to go to the National Park there, but a Privately Owned Park was open. 

 After this we went on our magnificent cruise to the Caribbean..  What an awesome cruise! We had such a good time, the islands we visited were amazing and the food... Wow gourmet! It was 7 days in total, took us to Halfmoon Cay, St Thomas, Puerto Rico and Grand Turk.... We took an excursion to swim with the stingrays... We were a little scared at first as many Australians would be, but they were very friendly and would come up to us to be fed. So Cute! They felt like..... Calamari.... Haha that's the best way I can describe it...

The cruise was not expensive for what you receive.... They don't make their money from the rates.. From what we saw, they make their money from the alcohol everyone needs to pay extra for... There was a package that if you paid $50 per day per person you could get as much alcoholic drinks as you wanted, however both husband and wives had to purchase it for all 7 days... So imagine that, that's $700 for just two people.... But as Witnesses, they didn't make much money on us...haha.. Jeremy and I enjoyed the wine we were allowed to bring on board and a few cocktails we shared by the pool....  The ship was pretty big, about 13 decks high that guests were allowed access to.. Our room... Deck 10... We allowed the cruise company to choose our room, and it wasn't too shabby...  No sea sickness, though we could slightly feel it swaying, overall one of the best holidays we've been to since our honeymoon!

Here are some photos, but as pretty as they look they don't do the real thing justice.

Outside Deck

Dinning Room

Halfmoon Cay

St Thomas

Grand Turks

Old San Juan Puerto Rico

Sunset from the Ship

There were so many photos to choose from, this were just some of them.  I will be doing a photo album blog later on... odd photos of here and there...

The day we arrived back Jeremy was asked if he would like to do a talk in one of the Spanish congregations in Miami, Massiel's uncle is an elder in that Congregation and we had the pleasure of meeting them a week earlier.   So we were able to make more friends and spend a bit more time with bothers and sisters.

So in brief that was our vacation.  When we got back we arrived with double the amount we had taken...haha... Can't believe how cheap clothes can be in the states,we loaded up on a few more things we needed... It was so nice to go shopping again!  Hahaha .... And that was that....

Back in Ecuador my family had someone crash into them while turning at a set of lights. No one was hurt, but they winded up in court in order to get the damage to the car fixed... After a lot of paperwork and whole lot more running around they will finally get their car back on the 5th of next month.

My family's Cong has been moved to meet at a Kingdom Hall close by, so nice to see the progress there...  For those who don't remember they used to meet at the back of a brother's house.... Not any more, they have a Kingdom Hall to meet at now :)

So that's the latest... Oh yeah we went to the training meeting for Metropolitan Witnessing... It starts 3rd November in four different places around the city.  The Terminal (big bus terminal in our territory), Park Paraiso, Park Calderon and The Arenal (a big outdoor market). We're still not sure if we will be part of the program yet....

Ok, so that's all... We are healthy, we are coping well and we are very, very happy....