Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A month back in Australia...

Sydney Harbour view from Mrs Macquarie Point

We've had a very busy month, we've enjoyed catching up with friends and family during the last few weeks.

We spent most of our time in Sydney with our previous Cong Wetherill Park.  Known for its hospitality, we felt right at home with the families that opened up their homes for us.  Jehovah's Org is truly remarkable when it comes to brotherly love, the last few weeks in Sydney we stayed with two families, one from Cambodia and the other from Iran.  It was so nice to get to know their cultures, especially when it came to the food. Haha

I've mentioned previously that one of the things we've missed has been the food.  Although I was born in Ecuador I grew up in Australia so both Jeremy and I missed the variety in food we can find at home.  Whether you feel like Vietnamese, Thai, Yum-Cha (Chinese banquet), Brazilian, Portuguese, Italian, Lebanese it's all right at your door step, and I'm not talking about fast food  chain versions, this is real authentic food! Yum..  So the last 6 weeks have been about work, family, friends and food.. Haha.

Vietnamese Beef Pha
Zita's Paella
Julie's awesome home made Ice Cream
Brazilian Churrasqueria

Mel's Carrot Cake
Ricadonna One of my favourite
We're so thankful to all the families that had us over for dinner, if you've seen the photos on Instagram you know there's been many.

 Many asked us what it felt like to be back home? Had we noticed much change? It was such a strange experience.  Many who have been away from home for a long time and then go back may know what I'm talking about, it was like we had never gone anywhere, like we had just woken up one morning but suddenly everything around you is different, the kids are older, there's many new ones in the Cong, everyone has a new favorite restaurant you've never even heard of, that kind of a thing, so it took us a while to adjust.

We also enjoyed the ministry, we happened to come right on the CO's visit.  During the week we were encouraged to use tecknology eg phones and tablets to show people our website jw.org specifically the videos we have there. We don't do that in Ecuador mainly for safety reasons unless they're an rv or study, so I was very interested to see how people would react. To my surprise people were very open to allowing us to show them. I was able to share the bullying video with a young girl and the new "why study the bible" video with a few people at the door. It was really nice to be able to use these tools while we were here.

We had the privilege of staying in Bethel for a weekend thanks to our friends Nico n Gordon,  it was packed with memories of our time in Bethel 10 years ago (sigh), of course many things have changed including most of the Bethelites and a new Kitchen that was getting an upgrade when we left Sydney in 2012.... Thanks guys, we know Bethel stays are pretty valuable...

Jeremy and Phil - Meat Prep
Luis and Jeremy

Back Paddocks of Bethel

Styling blue caps before our Kitchen Tour

We have a horrible 3 day return back to Ecuador. We leave Perth on the 8th on an overnight flight to Sydney where we arrive at 6am or so then out next flight is at midday, 14 hours later we arrive in Los Angeles. Our next flight is two hours later which I'm really worried we are going to miss, immigration and customs can take anywhere between 45mins to 1.5 hours and we have to change terminals and check in to our next flight which closes checked on luggage an hour before the flight! If we make it, we have to fly to Miami and then to Quito arriving at 11pm, we then stay at the airport overnight as our next half an hour flight to Cuenca is not till 6am! Wow I'm exhausted already.. If we miss our flight we will have to pay our ticket from LAX to CUE again... Not cheap! So watch out we'll be running and praying we make it on time.

I think that's about it, here are some photos of our trip. We are loving the time we are spending in Perth right now with Jeremy's family but are looking forward to heading back.  One of Jeremy's studies has started attending meetings. He recently sent Jeremy a nice thank you letter, asking how he was doing and wishing him the best for the new year. Haha so nice... (We'll eventually get to that part of the book.. Haha). Ben and Massiel have done an awsome job looking after him, along with our other calls.  Debora has also being looking after a few of my studies and Rv's, we can't wait to catch up with them all... It's time to get back to our "other" home :)


Jeremy studied with Samuel, so nice to have him with us now at the CO Pioneer's meeting
Morning Tea - Wetherill Park Style

Vanessa and I
CO Visit Pioneers Meeting

Out Witnessing
Enjoying Belgian Hot Chocolate with a Creme Brulee Tart at Koko Black Perth
Jeremy's Parents at the airport, they hadn't seen Jeremy in almost 2 yrs

View of Perth Harbour