Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Aeropuerto Cuenca Memorial Night 2014...

Ok, so this is just a "quick" update on how our memorial went....

We covered all our territory, we were handing out invites till the morning of the memorial, called all our potential guests to remind them of the memorial (I was surprised how many were like "oh, it's tonight!, that came around quick" - I was so glad we called them)  and got ready for the most important night of the year.

That morning Jeremy woke up feeling really nervous for some reason, I too was a little emotional, we both didn't know why, maybe cause we have been preparing for this day for so long, but it's not like it was our first memorial so hmm not sure why we were feeling anxious. My job that day was to wash and iron the table cloth for the emblems table, yet even that little job for some reason had me stressed hahaha. (Thank goodness I wasn't asked to make the bread, can you imagine hahaha) Benjamin had the privilege of giving the memorial talk, his first one. He did a great job! Jeremy had the privilege of the prayer for the wine, he also did great :)

As I mentioned on Instagram the brothers organized a really nice banner for outside the city hall. The flower arrangements were beautiful, they also arranged for literature to be placed on a table available to the all the guests (many took home bibles and bible teach books) and also welcoming pamphlets were printed with both songs we would sing

The publishers in our congregation amount to 102 and we had 327 come.  It was great to see so many come even though our location for the hall was outside our territory.  The city hall was so beautiful, it had a really nice grand entrance, so good we were able to have this place available to hold such a special event.  So after months of planning and weeks of inviting the Memorial for 2014 was over :( will this be our last? Hmm wouldn't that be great!  Maybe that's what made us so nervous..?....

Here are some photos of the night...

Jeremy at the entrance to the hall

Literature table

Jeremy and two of his studies
Really cute family I study with


Look at how many people came

I have a study at the moment who is progressing really well, she had approached the metropolitan cart and asked for a visit, it was a blessing that the slip was then passed on to me as she lived in our territory. She is up to chapter 2 of the BH book and has already started to come to meetings and loves them,  she was so excited to come to her first memorial however her work last minute planed and paid for her to travel to another city that night for a meeting the next morning. The poor thing was so stressed the whole day trying to change the pick up time on her shuttle, she tried different approaches to her boss so she would send someone else, nothing worked and she winded up traveling that night.  I felt so bad for her she felt so guilty and dissappointed, she will be one that progresses quickly because of how much she loves the truth but Satan is really testing her in different ways and once again it's really hard to see her go through that.  Sometimes it's like seeing a baby bird who is just learning to fly being chased by an angry dog..  But then I remember 1 Cor 10:13 and know it also applies to her, so we are going to do all we can to encourage her to fight for her right to serve Jehovah..

We've also had a family we used to study with almost a year ago move back into our territory.  We ran into the husband out witnessing and have made arrangements to restart the study, they've had a little addition to the family a baby girl born only a few weeks ago. The husband has already started to attend meetings again (he also came to the memorial, young guy in the brown jacket with Jeremy in the photo above) and hopefully once the baby girl is a little bit older the whole family will be able to attend, we are so happy... they had been progressing so well and just before they moved away they had spoken to us about joining the school, of course that never happen as their move was so sudden and for some reason or another were not able to continue studying where they moved too.  We were so sad to see them leave but we're over the moon to see them return.  We have to make the most of this time with them, as people tend to move around a lot and without much notice. I had another lady I studied with move too, I just happen to visit while they were moving! If I hadn't gone to visit when I had she would have gone and I'd never know where she had gone to, I was able to get some sort of directions of where she was moving to and completed a please visit slip.  Its now been passed on to the branch and hopefully they understand where she has gone.

Ok now a funny story that Anita (a special pioneer from our Cong) was telling us about her day out metropolitan witnessing. She had noticed how much interest the awake was getting as it's featured on the cart, many had come back to take it home to read.  She said she noticed an old lady who from a far was staring at it and soon enough she got closer to the cart. Anita said hello and the old lady looked at her and pointed to the picture on the cart of the young girl from the awake and said, "yes this is the color I'm looking for" and pointing to the girls hair she continued "please sell me this hair colour" hahaha the poor old lady thought Anita was selling hair products and wanted to buy hair dye from her... Haha of course Anita kindly explained what it was really about.  Poor old lady.

A few weeks ago we visited friends in the sign language Cong in Loja but I'll leave that for another day and post some photos of that weekend trip.