Thursday, 5 June 2014

Coping with Health Issues & Circuit Overseer Visit...

Ok, so this month we've had a little scare with my health. I hadn't been feeling the best for a few weeks, so thought I'd better go for a health check, my first in Ecuador. I had just been for one only four months ago while in Sydney and everything was fine, but it didn't seem normal so I went to a doctor friends had told us about anyway. After she did some tests she found I had a tumor in my uterus, at that point she wasn't 100% what it was, but soon enough we ruled out cancer! Pheww... After a lot more tests and a second consultation with a surgeon it was decided it would be best to have it removed as these can turn into cancer if they go untreated, so, two weeks ago I had my first surgery ever. Everything went well! They removed the tumor had another test done and gave me a diagnosis.

For about a week I was out of action and for the next month I've got to take it slow (which I'm finding it really difficult).. The brothers and sisters in our Cong were so loving, they cooked for us, even came to look after me when I couldn't move... Having my family close by was also such a blessing. We're so happy it's all turned out well.

The funny thing was when I went into the clinic for the surgery, the head doctor showed us a room and he was like "this room is $40 per night, this room is $75 and the suite with your own private waiting lounge and a fold out bed for your husband is $100 per night" ha-ha, it felt like we were looking for a hotel room. Of course we took the suite so Jeremy could stay the night comfortably. Hehe

We also had our CO visit... As usual it was great, a few highlights - the pioneer meeting we had around 22 attend, the Saturday night meeting we had a record 181 in attendance! So many studies and inactive came, it was so full that brothers were asked to give up their seats for visitors and many stood at the back! The CO mentioned the publisher witnessing hours were above the country's average and all our stats (bible studies, rvs, and publication placements) had gone up...

During the same week the English Cong also had their CO visit, so we went for their Saturday talk which would finish before ours started.  The last talk was my favorite – Do you have the evangelizing spirit? He asked the question "can we could call ourselves angels?" The answer, yes! The word angel comes from the word evangelizer meaning messenger and at times the bible uses the word angel when referring to a human (Rev 2:1). He also mentioned some points from a talk given to the Gilead Graduates by a Governing Body Member entitled "Work with Angels, like Angels"...  He then went on to relate three experiences, (all were confirmed and not passed on like Chinese whispers…) to show how angels are working closely with us to guide us to people who want to learn the truth.

First one,
In Scotland a brother who is a businessman was going away on business, on his way he saw a taxi driver reading the bible, this man was from Ethiopia. What do you think the brother asked him?  Do you really understand what you are reading? And the man said No, this is the second time I've read it and I still don’t understand, so the brother left his number and said, if you want to know more call me,” and the man did. The brother invited him home, a bible study was started and soon enough he was baptized. - Could it be that an angel guided this brother to this man? Possibly - Sometimes we may not be out on service but do we take opportunities to talk to people? That's part of the evangelizing spirit.

A lady was going to take her own life, but before she did that she wanted to hear the voice of another human for the last time, so she got the phone and dialed a random number, who did she call? She ended up calling a Witness sister, the lady ended up telling her what she was thinking about doing and the sister helped her. That day the sister had been sick and stayed home from work.  Could the angel have manipulated the finger of the lady so she would call this particular sister? Possibly

Two brothers were witnessing in Poland, when they got to a door wide open, the brothers knocked and a voice inside yells out come in! So the brothers walk in, then they hear the man asking, is it you? And the brothers somewhat confused say yes it’s us”, so the man asks, you’re Jehovah's witnesses? The brothers confirmed that they wereand the man then went onto explain that he had read an article in our magazine in which an interested person had prayed to learn the truth and the witnesses had come, so this man thought he'd have a go, praying he asked God, if you really exist please send one of your Witnesses tomorrow at 2pm, the brothers looked at their watch and it was 2pm.

They were all great experiences and I thought I'd share them. The CO also made the point that we must cooperate with the angels for them to use us in reaching these people. He said what if an angel led you to an interested person but you leave and you didn’t bother to write them down? With no or little intention of going back?  What do you think the angel would say? Maybe they won't send you again! If we find someone who is willing to listen to us, we need to cooperate with the angels by following up.

He also asked, what is the most important reason why we preach? Is it because it's a lifesaving work, yes it is, but is that why we do it? No, it's not the most important reason, Heb13:15 says it's a sacrifice of praise, public declaration. That's why we want to do it, to praise Jah, doesn't Jah deserve it? Yes, he has given us life, he gave his son, and he has given us everything. We always have success when we have this as our main objective. Wouldn't it be disappointing if all we want to have is studies get baptized? We want to praise Jah first and foremost. That will never disappoint us. This was a really nice point for us, we would love to have our studies progress to baptism and sometimes that objective can detract from our praising Jehovah primarily.

Ok so that's been May, fun and exciting!

He was so happy to know it was free...

View of Cuenca Streets from an old balcony