Saturday, 30 August 2014

Arlington International Convention 2014...

We've just had the best two weeks...

We recently had the privilege to attend an International Convention in Arlington Texas.

From the moment we arrived in Texas, we were greeted by brothers and sisters, singing to us at the airport.  They were the welcoming committee, it was such a wonderful feeling coming out and seeing the brothers and sisters waiting for us.  Our bags were delayed almost 2 hours but they lovingly stayed with us till they arrived...

The next day we had some time to go shopping, because we arrived almost a week before the convention there weren't many Witnesses at our hotel, but as time went on we started to see more and more, the hotel was eventually packed with brothers and sisters happily chatting away.

Hilton Hotel

For the hospitality evening night, we were taken in groups to the Assembly Hall, let me tell you we had the best night ever, I can't go much into details as we were asked not to mention anything. I think they are having a similar program for the Spanish International Convention being held later. But we had a great time, everyone had prepared so well, so much planning and work had gone into this evening, they'd been prepping for months.

We then had a tour of a Safari Park, this was also fantastic.  We boarded a safari bus and got to feed the animals, Jeremy even fed a giraffe from his hand... so cute!

The next day we had a Witnessing Day with a local congregation, we met brothers and sisters who will remain our friends for a long time. The Congregation had also arranged a meal and entertainment, it was so nice as we got to talk to different ones on a more personal setting.

Of course the best part of our trip happened the next 3 days, with a fantastic program.  Everyone had told me, the Convention this year is very different. They weren't wrong!... Can't say much cause many still have theirs to go, but WOW we loved it.  Of course the first meeting for the new Kingdom Envangelizers School was held on Sunday. The brothers had separated 3 areas within the auditorium for the meeting, when it started these areas were filled and a lot more were standing, they even delayed the start time as so many were still coming.  The meeting was so informative, it really focused our ministry. Who would think a 10 minute meeting could have such lasting effects, its pretty much helped us decide what we would do next.... Stay tuned... though i think it's kind of obvious...hehe


The generosity of our brothers and sisters throughout these 3 days were amazing. I'm not joking when I say that we had bags of presents, so many came up to say hello. We really didn't move much through the break, I don't think we've had our photo taken so many times, I think even more than when we got married...hehe... of course we were all dressed up those 3 days, with traditional Ecuadorian Clothing from different parts of Ecuador.

So many lovely presents!

The MET Museum
We then flew to New York City, hired a car and visited Patterson, Wallkill and Brooklyn. Our Bethelite brothers had also been preparing to receive thousands of delegates to come visit.  They had set up beautiful displays. While in NY, of course we did your usual touristy things but the highlight was the Metropolitan Museum Tours that the brothers do. Wow did we learn a lot!... These tours are designed to strengthen our faith in prophecies and the Organization, its amazing how much in history proves the bible is true and exact. Its a must do, if you are ever in NYC.

Wallkill Reception Area


I love this photo with Caleb and Sophia



Times Sq
The other thing we did was meet up with a lovely couple who arranged for us to have a tour of  Stanley Theater. It was so nice to be able to hear the last talk of the Saturday program, the Chinese speaking brothers were having their convention and the talk was been transmitted from Atlanta. Photos do not really do it justice, its so beautiful inside!

Inside the Stanley Theater

There's so much more to say, but this is a summary of a summary...haha... we had an amazing two weeks, we're so happy Jehovah's Organization has arranged for these conventions to take place. It allows us to see the World Wide Brotherhood we have and the truth of Jesus words in John 13:35 "by this all will know that you are my disciples if you have love among yourselves." We're so grateful to Jehovah for having allowed us to be a small part of it.

To all the brothers and sisters we met even if it was briefly, it was such a privilege for us to have met y'all...

For now though we are eagerly getting ready for the campaign... We found a place here that does button pins and we are having a pin with done up for all in the Cong... So it's all coming together and we're all really excited about it.

That's all for now...