Sunday, 12 July 2015

The joys of our new assignment...

It's taken us a little while to write, there's a few reasons why. We have been a little unwell, we hadn't been feeling the best for a while now, but we thought it was stress related, turns out we had a nasty bacteria in our tummies. Who knows how long we've had it, or even how we got it, but to control it we had to take a course of 80 tablets in ten days, it's so hard to kill, it needs to be nuked with two antibiotics at once plus tablets to protect the stomach lining. It was a horrible ten days, but over it now and hopefully won't give us any issues for a while. How was it diagnosed? It was a fluke really! Since I moved to Duran my joints had been in pain and so I thought I better get that checked, turns out the pain is gone now and it was most likely a cause of the high humidity in the area. They made me get a full blood work and that's when they found the bacteria, since it's a contagious bacteria it was most likely that Jeremy also had it, so they made us both go through the treatment.

We have also started working for an online company teaching English, the pay is not like back home but it has really been helping us with the bills we've had. The company we're currently working for in Australia is getting sold so we thought we might start looking at different options to earn an income. Jehovah has really looked after us and we are sure that he will continue looking after us in the future. 
The support of our family has been invaluable and it has also allowed us to continue with our service here in Ecuador.  So learning to teach English has also been taking up some time. 

Our studies and return visits are going well. Three months in and we are getting close to reaching our limit of how many studies we can handle! Pretty cool right... Hahaha.... Our Congregation recently had an Elder move to another Cong so we are down to two Elders. This has meant Jeremy's workload has increased by quite a bit and since we are in Convention season he is also busy helping with the set up of sound, audio and platform. Although he's been very busy, there's always a sparkle of joy in his eyes.

I've also had my first ministry school part in our new Cong. I had it with a beautiful older sister name Ana Maria (I posted a photo of her bbqing bananas a while back on Instagram). We practiced for a month to help her remember the talk. Ana Maria can't read or write and because she's elderly she also has issues remembering, every rehearsal we had the talk came out different but somehow we managed to stick to the theme...haha......the night of our talk she did so well!... by then we had rehearsed so much she was able to add a little bit more of her flair to the talk...  It was a real privilege for me to work on this talk with her. The Congregation was so happy to see her on stage, it was her first time on the school so of course she had a big round of applause at the end. 

The weather lately has improved so much since we arrived. We are heading into summer so it's stopped raining (which happens mainly in winter months) bringing the humidity way down, so it's actually quite pleasant outside now, it should last six months! Yeah! .... Oh and because of the lack in rain there's hardly any mosquitos! you get them still here and there but nothing like what it was in the winter months, at one point the Mosquitos got so big they bit through jeans! Meetings were the worst, since there's no aircons the windows and doors are wide open so massive amounts of mosquitos also congregated! I had to seat down to stop the mosquitoes from going up my skirt!! And during another meeting, one went down my dress! I had to quickly run outside and get Jeremy to unzip my dress to let it back out... When we came back home I had a good 10 mosquito bites just on my back! Oh, the pleasures of serving where there's a need hahahaha... You know what though, they make for great stories now!

We are so happy that our  Cong seems more familiar now, the meetings and field service become ever more enjoyable because of this. We've had several meal invites from our kind brothers and sisters and boy can they cook! The food has been amazing!

I'm constantly amazed that we lived only three hours away and yet things here are so different, even the food! But we are enjoying every minute and go to bed exhausted but really happy!!!

Oh yes, and I finally found an art school close by, so I'll be posting more photos of my art on Instagram when they're done.