Friday, 3 June 2016

Introducing a new addition to our Blog!

Hi Everyone!!!

I know, I know, Katherine is normally the one who keeps you all up-to-date with whats been happening but... I thought it was time I let the rest of you in on the things she wouldn't say or show about herself!!

So here I go with a leap of faith!

As some of you may know, Katherine is a budding Artist, and believe me... she has talent.... (no its not just because I am biased or that I am her husband... "is for reals"...)

Therefore it is with the greatest pride that I am happy to announce a new page on our Blog:

Katherine's Art Gallery

While I will keep adding her art to the blog, you can stay up to date on Instagram also, by following her on:


So please go check out her art, you won't be disappointed!