Sunday, 14 August 2016

Ecuador English Regional Convention 2016

What a special time of the year for all of us serving as need-greaters. Since 1992 the Ecuador Branch has lovingly made Convention arrangements in English. It's such a special provision for those of us whose language of the heart is English.

Since we arrived here four years ago, we've often mentioned how special this convention is. It always feels like a mini International Convention. There's so many friends from different cultures and nationalities in Ecuador - all here with the purpose of expanding their ministry.

My Family
The RC this year was amazing, for those who haven't had it yet, you're in for a treat. Our Spanish RC is not until September, so it's been hard not being able to talk about it with anyone in our Congregation; but we can't wait to see their reaction to all the videos and talks.

We've met so many serving in different parts of Ecuador. I know, I've mentioned how difficult our assignment has been for us, but we met up with the most wonderful young couple serving in a small village, in a coastal area close to Esmeraldas.  They are truly doing it tough, access is by boat up the river and they're the only witnesses in that area. Until they finish their wood house, they currently rent a room from a Bible study. Their living conditions takes them back in time; with no washing machine they have to wash their clothes in the river just like all the locals. Their willing spirit has helped us appreciate our assignment even more.

They mentioned their greatest battle was finding good association. So in order to have wholesome association, they travel an hour or two downriver to the nearest Witness couple who are also serving in that remote area. Jeremy has been invited to help out with a few public talks at different spots around there, so we hope to be able to go sometime at the end of the year or early next year. While they are mainly working the Spanish field, they are also potentially helping to open a new language field in the area - its a good reminder for us to keep such faithful ones in our prayers!  They are such a great example for Jeremy and I. Couples and families who are giving Jah their all!

We also caught up with many families with young kids who have come to to serve as well.  They're all doing really well, enjoying their time in Ecuador. The kids, because they're so young, pick up Spanish so quickly and the majority can speak almost fluent Spanish in a short time.

Over time we have come to meet many brothers and sisters who have come with the purpose of spying out the land, a lot have come back and are serving in different areas of Ecuador. It's so nice to be able to see them again, sharing all their wonderful experiences and to see them adapting so well to the Ecuadorian way of life. 

What a special weekend, loved every moment!

SKE Meeting - attendance 110