Sunday, 25 September 2016

Some wonderful blessings...

I know it's taking us a little longer to write, the truth is we've been struggling to find the time with all the changes that have taken place in our schedule and all our lovely visitors....

This last couple of months we have hosted many couples who are spying out the land, some have been from Australia and others from the US.  Their willing spirit has helped us keep focused and their enthusiasm is contagious. It's been so nice to meet them and get to know them better. We've also had a few of them come back after their first visit and are now living here in Ecuador permanently!  It's so nice to get updates from them and hear how Jehovah has supported them along the way, their stories are amazing... we hope one day we can share these with you too...

Eileen and Mike

Laura and Greg with a study who drove them from Cuenca

We also just enjoyed our third pioneer school, our first with the new book. Every school is a different experience. Our last school was just before we moved to Ecuador, though thoroughly excited, I also remember feeling scared and apprehensive about what we were about to do. The Pioneer School really helped us with our courage and faith.  It reminded us of Jehovah's loving kindness and loyal love. It was just what we needed before we embarked on our new adventure, and what an adventure is has been.

The School we have just completed, felt like a lesson on endurance and perseverance! We are here now, so how do we keep our joy in our service and how do we keep going.  I really appreciated the one on one time I felt I had with Jehovah during this special week and it almost felt like Jehovah was allowing me to see things from a different perspective.  I suppose each time we go through the school we are also older in age, maybe that also has something to do with it. Jeremy and I really enjoyed the week and it recharged us for the new change that was about to take place in our schedule of service for Jah.

Both Jeremy and I have been invited to serve as part time volunteer Bethelites. Jeremy has already been going once a week for a few months now, helping in the paint shop and carpentry. For those who know Jeremy, you'll know how happy this has made him, he absolutely loves Bethel.... always has and Jehovah has blessed him with this type of service once again. A few weeks ago I received my invitation as well, I've been helping in Gardening and Infirmary, helping to look after Sis Bono.

Meeting Edith, has been such a delight.  She reminded me so much of the older brothers and sisters I had the privilege of helping look after in Australia Bethel.  The life story of Edith''s husband was printed in the WT 2011 April 15th pp 29-32 - "I have found many good things" Life Story of Arthur Bonno... I think it's a must read - especially for those who are serving or wanting to serve here in Ecuador, there's a few words there specially for you!!...

On to other news... my baby sister (not so much of a baby now) got engaged!! We are really happy about her choice, he's a young spiritually mature Ecuadorian brother.  They met at the Pioneer School a few years back and well the rest is your typical love story... hahaha.... we are very happy for them both and are excited that our family is growing.

my little poser!
Someone mentioned to us that the longer we stay here the more roots we'll put down, that seems to be true.... since we also have news of our own.... we got a puppy... his name is Bailey, he's an OES (Old English Sheepdog) 4 1/2 months old.  Bailey is your typical OES, lovable, super friendly and playful. He loves hugging us and at his age is very obedient.. we love him to pieces.  Why a dog? as we're getting older (wow, I've mentioned that twice in this blog! we are definitely feeling the need to look after something other than plants.. (yes! about 3 years ago we went on a shopping spree for plants to look yes! they're still alive..)  We are so happy to have him as part of our family.  At four months he is as tall as most Ecuadorian adult dogs, he's going to be the size of a bear! so, Jeremy runs around calling him Bailey bear...hahaha

We have our CO visit happening this week so Jeremy is buried in paperwork again and the usual preparations that come with it. It will be another busy, busy week, but always an enjoyable one.