Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Need-greater Experiences - Steve and Roberta Cross

Over the years we have met so many need-greaters and we would love for you to  hear their experiences also. Many have gone to great lengths to get to Ecuador and faced many challenges which they've had to overcome to accomplish their goals. We hope to share these with you from time to time and hope you enjoy their stories also.

We want to thank Steve and Roberta for allowing us to share their story with the hope that it will encourage other future need-greaters to move to Ecuador as well, this is their story:

"My wife and I were from the United States.

We joined a Spanish speaking congregation a few years ago and loved everything about it.  I retired two years ago and we were living very comfortably.  We were putting in our 20-30 hours a month in the ministry, but there seemed to be no effort to it and it was just automatic.  When we watched some of the need greater videos on our broadcasting it made us stop and wonder, "Is there more that we can do?"  We felt there was.

We researched several Central and South American countries and decided to 'spy out the land of Ecuador'....  We came down for a month, staying a week with the Davies, then visited a couple different parts of the country and were 'kidnapped' by a small congregation in the foothills of the Andes mountains"

At the end of the month, we went back home to Oregon, put a For Sale sign in our yard, and sold everything we owned, except what would fit in our luggage and bought one way tickets back to Ecuador" ....(Steve and Roberta were allowed to buy one way tickets, because of the visa they choose to apply for while they had been here the first time) .... "Two months later, on the day we were leaving the States, our house had still not sold. We hadn't even received 1 offer. We put our trust in Jehovah and said our good-byes. On the way to the airport, we received a call from the Realtor that someone had just made an offer, for the price we were asking!

We feel that Jehovah has blessed our efforts more than we can imagine. The Brother that we heard say, "you have family you haven't even met yet" is so true.  Within minutes you have a whole new family, that want only the very best for you.

We thank the Davies for their encouragement, and thank Jehovah for such wonderful blessings!

Remember the brother in the Need Greater article that said, "And they even need me?"  That has how my wife and I both feel.  And if we can do it, Jehovah will bless your efforts too.  -Psalm 34:8

Steve and Roberta Cross"